Letter to the Editor

The cold civil war

I had assumed the political party comes before country had ended with the "Make America Great Again" -- but it hasn't. There is no "America" to be made great again. There are political parties, "Republicans" and "Democrats," trying to be made great again but not for all Americans. That mindless "MAGA" chant wasn't about anything other than more dividing the people and cold civil war.

That cold civil war created by Barack H. Obama and his "fundamental change" rages on with no end in sight under Donald J. Trump. Hatred is still a storm that pours rain down on the American people. Free speech of any kind is rejected. Working together is absolutely out of the question. A person is demanded to be either a "Republican" or a "Democrat." Moderates will not be tolerated.

Washington, District of Columbia is not a swamp. It's a cesspool trying to play the U.S. people for chumps, and it's working, too. With the mid-term election happening this fall, the people will be hammered with strict ideology, anything else would not be American. "Republicans" and "Democrats" will make it so that cold civil war must continue. How else will the government keep the people divided?

Congress, the president and all politicians nationwide should be reminded they work for the people and not for political parties.