Bankruptcies — June 2018

Bankruptcies filed through June for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case numbers. Included are bankruptcies filed in Bollinger, Cape Girardeau, Perry and Scott counties. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.

18-10516 Stone III, Arnold G.,and Samantha P.

18-10517 Rogers, Alexsis

18-10519 Jones, Zenobia G.

18-10520 Williams, Joseph E. and Karen S.

18-10522 Farrow, Ellen M.

18-10523 Wilson, Jennifer M.

18-10535 Mathies, Al L. and Barber, Justlin N.

18-10538 Frazier, Tammy M.

18-10541 Douglas, Brittney E.

18-10543 McClenton, Lorrie L.

18-10544 Hayden, Ruth A.

18-10545 McClain, Derick L. and Jessica N.

18-10546 Cooper-Hoeller, Deborah S.

18-10548 Kirn Sr., Terry J.

18-10550 Eason, Benny E. and Patsy D. H. P.

18-10551 Smith, Donna J.

18-10552 Walton, Danielle N.

18-10553 Bray, Nancy A.

18-10560 Polk, Theresa L.

18-10561 Sowers, Michael R. and Valerie K.

18-10562 Stevens, Adam R. and Jennifer S.

18-10564 Laster, Tyhisa R.

18-10567 Bond, Kole C.

18-10569 McCain, Brenda L.

18-10570 Brumbaugh, Amie

18-10573 Moore, Phyllis A.

18-10574 Braddy Jr., William C. and Sherry A.

18-10582 Ordonia, Katie G.

18-10583 Heuring, Jenny K.

18-10584 Mitchell, Deborah J.

18-10585 Lilly, Shane W. and Christen N.

18-10586 Medlock, Derrick W. and Victoria

18-10587 Svehla, Jeramy L. and Cassidie D.

18-10593 Goodwin, Angela D.

18-10603 Phelps, Blendia C.

18-10606 Swanner, Kimberly A.

18-10608 Roth, Lonnie D.

18-10609 Emmons, Venus M.