Bankruptcies 6/6/18

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Bankruptcies filed through May for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case numbers. Included are bankruptcies filed in Bollinger, Cape Girardeau, Perry and Scott counties. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.

Bollinger County

18-10395 Marlene Phyllis Shiverdeck and Leland Shiverdeck

18-10468 Toni Renee Pettet

18-10505 Sandra Jean Baumann

Cape Girardeau County

18-10394 Adam Richard Hoss and Susanna Nicole Hoss

18-10405 Kelli Leigh Stewart

18-10407 Majestic Retaining Walls LC

18-10410 Kyle Wayne Hente

18-10411 Maranda M. Ewing

18-10413 Emily Eileen Long

18-10415 Crystal Dawn Masterson

18-10430 Kenneth Ray Shackles and Karen Marie Shackles

18-10449 Gennyrine Ferguson

18-10456 Bradley Dale Clover

18-10458 Peggy L. Welker

18-10459 Jamie Gene Welker

18-10463 Laura Ann Gantt

18-10473 Daniette June Marie Muse

18-10479 Joseph Woodrow Bagby

18-10480 Donald L. Laurentius and Roberta Ann Laurentius

18-10482 Phillip Eric Zaha

18-10485 Christopher John Thompson

18-10504 Nathan Andrew Meade and Jessica Linzy D. Meade

Perry County

18-10425 Nathan Scott Abernathy

18-10438 Ruth Ellen Hapgood

18-10440 Ronald Arthur Schultz and Laura Leigh Schultz

18-10461 Robert Eugene Braddy

Scott County

18-10406 Robert Thomas Crosier and Delina Ann Crosier

18-10412 Brian Keith Lesch and Heather Marie Lesch

18-10414 Andrew Duane Moore

18-10418 Edna Jean Jones

18-10421 Lee Carl Shell and Carol Jane Shell

18-10448 Lacey Dawn Greer and Brian Allen Greer

18-10450 John Lee Dillard and Lana Rose Dillard

18-10452 Christina Rene King

18-10464 Alexander Dion Horton and Deanna Marie Horton

18-10471 Yvonne Marie Kilgore

18-10477 Aaron Heath Gilliland

18-10486 Jason M. Glasser and Annie Lynn Glasser

18-10489 Sonya Marie Allen

18-10490 Jody Ray Burton

18-10493 Susan Raee Watkins-Kern

18-10495 Jennifer Lin Washer