Nothing boring about Cape Girardeau or upcoming events

We were amused by a recent KFVS story, which cited a Business Insider list saying Cape Girardeau was the most boring city in Missouri.

It's all about perspective. Business Insider only looked at Metropolitan Statistical Areas recognized by the federal government. The Cape Girardeau area only qualified for such status in the last decade or so. There are only eight cities that qualify as metropolitan areas, and Cape Girardeau ranks eighth among the eight cities, with a population nearly 30,000 less than the seventh-place city. To no one's surprise, St. Louis, by far the largest MSA in Missouri, the Gateway City was named most exciting city in Missouri.

To calculate the boring/excitement scale, Business Insider took counts of the number of establishments for 66 different types of businesses that can make a city more interesting. These are things such as breweries, art dealers and museums. The bigger the MSA, the more likely the city is to have these businesses. Perhaps Business Insider should have done a business-to-population ration to determine the excitement.

At any rate, Cape Girardeau is not a boring city, though it is much smaller than many others.

Every Friday in our TGIF section we prove this to be true. This town has a lot going on, and there are many fun and cultural things to do. This weekend alone, you can catch the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra on Saturday and Willie Nelson on Sunday. There are community festivals planned. A big school musical. And lots of places to shop and explore. Volleyball players will pack the SportsPlex. There's plenty to do around here. Boring? Please. Not even close.

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