Interfaith Choir Celebrates: Six Congregations Joined Praising Christ’s Sacrifice and Future Return

Interfaith Choir

Palm Sunday evening Emanuel United Church of Christ’s Pastor, Joe Rowley, of Jackson, hosted First Pentecostal Church, Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Sargent’s Chapel, Sedgewickville Lutheran Church and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints combined choir singing the cantata, “He Will Come.” The choir, of over forty voices, shook heart and soul with their message of love for the Savior and His love for all. Narrator, Pastor Jerry Baily, interspersed stirring readings of Jesus’s ministry between soloist Joe Rowley’s heartfelt rendition of “He Will Come”, poignant pieces by the interfaith choir, director Tyler Schlesseman’s gripping performance of “I Carried His Cross,” “My Son” movingly sung by soloist Laurelyn Hansen and the passionate Chelsey Adams expression of “Mary Magdalene.” The crescendo piece, “Risen from the Tomb/ He Will Come” was exhilarating with voices from all the congregations expressing the unity of their hearts. With accompaniment by flutist Chris Crawford and pianist Corinne Baird, the cantata, written by Raelen Card and arranged by Roger Hoffman, may become an annual tradition. The interfaith choir also sang the cantata in Cape Girardeau at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Palm Sunday morning to an audience of combined faiths.

Pastor Rowley stated he is impressed with how “powerful and meaningful” the piece itself is and the “great experience of sharing this with other churches.” Pastor Jerry Bailey stated, he was impressed with “so many talented people” offering their time and talents in sacrifice for this “ecumenical community experience.” His wife Melba, shared, it was “great to hear the retelling of Jesus’s life story and the promise of eternal life.” She was very touched by the soloists.

Youth expressed they had “good experiences” singing such “nice music” and meeting so many talented people. Mia Timlin shared this was her second enjoyable year of singing with “a ton of super talented people in one common purpose though attending different churches.” She also expressed the sentiment of many others in stating it is “wonderful to find out so many people love The Lord.”

This season, as we ponder His return, we will also look forward to the return of “He Will Come” and the opportunity to share talent and love of The Lord. For information on singing with the interfaith choir contact Pastor Joe Rowley at 573-243-3323 and