Meals program is a blessing to many seniors

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Of all the social services and programs out there today, we can think of few that are more important to individuals than the Homebound Meals program.

Delivering hot meals once a day to needy seniors is a lifeline. Not only does it ensure some level of nutrition, it allows for social interaction and serves as a check-in on the homebound.

Reporter Marybeth Niederkorn recently profiled a couple of deliverers, including BJ Bowman, 80. She's still healthy enough to get out and about, and she loves delivering the meals and saying hello to the people she serves. She's one of a handful of folks who provide this service.

The Homebound Meals program helps preserve independence; without it, many may have to make the choice to enter into a nursing home facility. This small investment of time and food can save thousands of dollars for those who are homebound.

Along the way the volunteers make friends with their clients, and with their pets, too. Bowman carries dog treats with her.

The Cape Girardeau Senior Center oversees the program, and they regularly deliver to 200 people. The senior center also cooks food for daily meals at the center on weekdays; The Jackson Senior Center oversees a similar program. The centers provide a social gathering place. For Medicaid clients eligible for weekend meals, Niederkorn reported, volunteers deliver frozen meals during the week to give recipients coverage during the weekend.

We're thankful for the volunteers and workers who prepare meals for the elderly in our area, but we're especially thankful for the delivery program. What a huge blessing you all are to our community.

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