Bankruptcies — February 2018

Bollinger County

Schrader, Michelle L.18-10088

Cape Girardeau County

Holmes, Jenny E.18-10063
Fletcher, Keith F. and Ashley T.18-10067
Patterson, Sherikia Y.18-10084
Cox Jr., Ronald L.18-10087
Bell III, Seville18-10090
Ahern, Gary A. and Kathryn L.18-10094
Jones, Christina M. and Jonathan D.18-10098
Lambert, Nancy A. and Gary W.18-10099
Johnson, Christina M.18-10112
Downing, Stephanie L.18-10113
Drury, Dara L.18-10115
Raper, Sheila A.18-10128
Pike, Michelle A.18-10131
Anderson, Iris L. and Cody R.18-10136
Ainsworth, Jennifer L.18-10138

Perry County

Bohnert, Kenneth R. and Barbara E.18-10086
Karius, Trevor T.18-10134
Turner, John P. and Julia A.18-10140

Scott County

Harris, Johnnie R.18-10064
Barnes, Betty M.18-10065
Blythe, Jeffrey J. and Elizabeth M.18-10066
Rodgers, Deanna E.18-10069
Schaffer, Tracy D.18-10072
Simmons, Albert R. and Thressia J.18-10083
Taylor, Dorothy M.18-10096
Simmons, James A.18-10127