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Saint Francis, Southeast in talks about new health care services

A big healthcare development is brewing in Cape Girardeau, which could lead to the two major hospitals working together in a new line of business sorely needed in the area. When interviewed about the potential project by new area business publication B Magazine, the CEOs for Saint Francis and SoutheastHealth shared details but asked for the magazine to hold off on reporting specifics until further hurdles were cleared. B Magazine is a cooperative venture of rustmedia and the Southeast Missourian.

In its inaugural issue published last week, B Magazine profiled the transformative impact that the two health care leaders, Ken Bateman at SoutheastHEALTH and Maryann Reese at Saint Francis, are having on local healthcare. It also touched upon the origins of this mega-project. Boards of both hospitals have approved, and the bishop for the Springfield-Cape Girardeau diocese has given tentative approval pending contract completion, which is required before Saint Francis could proceed. Groundwork for the certificate of need process has begun, which is required by the state. Other approvals -- and final contract -- are still pending, so nothing is guaranteed yet. But it's clear that leadership of both hospitals are focused on improving local healthcare through collaboration where it makes sense.

As disclosure, I wrote the story as a contributing writer to B Magazine. For further updates, look to the news section of the Southeast Missourian. A final decision is probably four to six weeks away -- or more.

To request a free copy of the magazine (as long as supplies last), visit http://www.rustmedia.com/bmagazine. Lucas Presson is publisher with support from the Southeast Missourian ad department. The team at rustmedia, including editor Mia Pohlman, is responsible for business strategy, content and design. I will continue to contribute to the magazine, so if you have business insights or leads about significant local projects, don't hesitate to contact me.

Informative, fun and edgy

One reader described the new magazine as "informative, fun and edgy." Another sent in a note of thanks for a publication that is "first class" and creating "a wonderful feeling of being in the forefront of important information that makes Cape the special place to live that it is."

One of my favorite sections was actually a humor piece titled "Fake News Has Gotten Such a Bad Rap" by Martha Throebeck, "humorist with a fake name." Note: Below is an excerpt. You should pick up a copy of the magazine for the full story -- and a couple more funny (made-up) anecdotes.

Back in my day, fake news was a perfectly cromulent art form. Dave Barry was our generation's Shakespeare. The Onion, that bastion of journalistic truthiness, published such classics as "Clinton Deploys Vowels to Bosnia" and "Urban Planner Stuck In Traffic Of Own Design."

Unfortunately, in the last few years, the term "fake news" has been unfairly tainted by politics. It has almost become a swear word.

We must not take this lying down. It's time to put an end to the madness.

That's why B Magazine is giving me this opportunity to resurrect the lost art of writing fake news. I'm talking about honest-to-goodness fake news, not the tripe that has infected Twitter, Facebook and everything else.

So let's get down to business with some headlines that may or may not be happening ...

Cape to install new streetlights on Broadway reused from Houck Stadium

Southeast Missouri State University is facing a budget crisis, and needs cash quick. Cape Girardeau is facing a visibility problem, and needs lights quick. The solution, naturally, is for the university to take down some of the light standards from Houck Stadium and sell them to the city to install along Broadway.

"It's not an ideal situation," explained the university's assistant director of painful budget decisions, "but it was a step we had to take. And it's a goodwill gesture to help the community, although I hope motorists aren't completely blinded by the new lights and start crashing into the sculptures along Broadway."

On the bright side -- pun intended -- the high-wattage bulbs should help make those same sculptures visible from space.

To read more from Martha Throebeck and others: visit http://www.rustmedia.com/bmagazine and request your free copy. Mailing fees may apply.

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