Letter to the Editor

New CID plan is absurd

Monday, February 26, 2018

I was shocked to learn the Cape Girardeau City Council is entertaining a proposal to create another CID district. Shocked because a local businessman, who recently purchased property, said he is unable to afford improvements and is asking the council to grant him permissions that will force residents to fund those improvements.

This is money taken in the form of a tax from all of us that is given directly to this businessman to improve his properties.

I am guessing that Mr. Patel was unable to secure either bank loans or investors for this venture. Both will invest in solid business plans that are sure to turn a profit. That tells me Patel’s plan is a bad investment. Yet the Cape City Council is considering an option that will force all of us to give — not invest — our money toward this bad venture.

If the CID goes through, every business person in this community should flood City Hall with like petitions.

There’s a better way. There’s a more responsible way. There’s a more accountable way. Sir, sell off the properties you can’t afford to maintain or improve, use that money (which is your money, not ours) to improve those properties you wish to keep. I get you’re wanting to have it all. But you must understand that the hard-working citizens of the greater Cape Girardeau area want to keep everything we’ve worked for, too.

This is a bad plan. Absurd is Absurd.

Dana Grace, Cape Girardeau