Letter to the Editor

The difference is Jesus

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The next time you listen to the song by Ronnie Milsap, "What a difference you made in my life," when you hear it sing it to Jesus! The words in this song tells exactly how I feel as to what Jesus has done for me.

One verse especially hits home, "Love to me was just a word in a song that has been way over used. Now I've joined in the singing, 'cause you showed me loves' true meaning. That's why I want to spread the news."

That is why I simply cannot support any political party that supports abortion or any other immoral laws. To support these politicians I simply would have to abandon Jesus. I cannot do that. We are all going to have to make Jesus more important than a political party, in much more than just words -- in our hearts. Whatever happens in the future, Jesus will still be Lord. That is ALL we need now and that is all we will need then.

Those who truly "know Jesus" know exactly what I am talking about. If you do not understand, pray and surrender to Jesus and allow him to make a great difference in your life, too.