Public hearing on Dutchtown's disincorporation Thursday

Prior to taking action to disincorporate the village of Dutchtown, the Cape Girardeau County Commission will hold a public hearing at 9 a.m. Thursday at the county administration building, 1 Barton Square in Jackson.

All residents and interested parties are encouraged to attend so the county commissioners can hear comments and questions, according to the County Commission Agenda.

Since 2015, FEMA has bought out just over 5 acres of land near the intersection of highways 25 and 74 after extensive flooding.

The population of about 50 is down from about 90 in 2010.

No one has served as a board member or even run for the position since before 2015.

Former board members have moved away, and to have a quorum, a minimum of three board members would have to vote.

If Dutchtown does disincorporate, the county would take over mowing and other maintenance of property now within the city limits.