Letter to the Editor

Keep the tweets, Mr. President

Friday, January 12, 2018

The tactic of tweeting is an effective, direct and unfiltered strategy that the opponents to this president loathe. Donald Trump is a self-aware, bulldozer of a President who accurately views his opponents and treats them as such. In his effort to "Make America Great Again" he pulls no punches and survives where other traditional candidates would have withered. Can you imagine any other conservative presidential candidate surviving the onslaught of the deep state, fake news, liberal academia and globalists? Tweeting has played a large role in DJT's survival.

His tweeted characterization of Pakistan's government as being lying and deceitful is spot on. They pretend to help only for our money while previously harboring Osama Bin Laden and others. For another letter to the editor writer to suggest that this tweet could cause this "proud nuclear power" to send a portable nuclear weapon to the U.S. just confirms that even he thinks the Pakistani government is duplicitous. "Rocket Man" Kim Jong Un, claiming he has a nuclear button on his desk in an attempt at intimidation, was met with a tweet from DJT that his "button is bigger and more powerful" giving Kim just the respect that he deserves. Is this a departure from previous diplomatic speak, you bet, but look where that has gotten us thus far.

Opponents to DJT now think thrice before going against him and possibly earning a famous tweeted nickname (Crooked Hillary, Rocket Man) or an accurate, stinging verbal salvo. No wonder they loathe tweeting!