Adult and Teen Challenge takes big step forward in growing services

Saturday, January 6, 2018

With the nation gripped in an Opioid crisis, and more and more people desperately needing intervention and help overcoming their addictions, Adult and Teen Challenge Mid-America is expanding its services to be able to accept more people in need.

As reported by Rachael Long, there has been an overcrowding problem at other Adult and Teen Challenge facilities in the Midwest. The Cape Girardeau facility will be able to handle more urgent cases and receive addicted people sooner.

The facility managed to create more space, creating a temporary facility. Construction on a new induction facility will be underway beginning early this year. The new facility will accommodate space for 25 to 48 more beds, and will include office spaces, staff apartment buildings, a laundry room and common area.

Traditionally, Teen Challenge has been a long-term facility that accepted addicts following more intense treatment elsewhere. Now, the facility can offer the more intense treatment sooner, so it can accept more of those needing immediate care.

Executive director James Bolin said this expansion would not have been possible without enormous support from the Cape Girardeau and surrounding communities.

Half of the donations come from donors and the other half from the work program, be it the Teen Challenge Thrift Store, lawn service or car wash, Long reported.

"Without the donors, churches and business, there would be no Teen Challenge. They're saving lives," Bolin said. "Cape Girardeau and the surrounding community, they support us big time."

Adult and Teen Challenge continues to raise funds for the project, with about $350,000 of the $500,000 total having been received to date.

The Adult and Teen Challenge operation has shown itself to be a successful enterprise, having helped hundreds of people overcome addiction. This expansion should enhance that success.

Thank you to the leadership and staff at the facility, and those in the community who have contributed to this endeavor.

Most of all, we offer our encouragement to those who enter the facility in need of healing. We pray they find it.

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