New Venue In St. Louis Breaking Onto the Scene

Wednesday, December 6, 2017
Patty Walters of "As It Is" does a guest spot performing with "Sleep On It"

On any night of the week you can feel the streets of St. Louis come alive with shopping, food, and most recently a new music venue right in the heart of the Delmar Loop. Anyone in the region who keeps tabs of local and regional shows has more than likely already heard of Delmar Hall. The comfortable room comes alive with light and sounds as most recently the bands Chapel, Sleep On It, As It Is, and Waterparks take the stage.

Truly no bad seat in the house as lasers and energy greet the room and people begin to jump around to their favorite songs old and new. One of the most memorable experiences of the most recent show is Awsten Knight of Waterparks jokingly taking a phone from a front row girl enjoying the experience. As he took the phone on stage to antagonize her it began to ring. "Everybody be quiet! It's her Dad!" he yells and proceeds to answer the phone on stage. He takes the call in front of the whole audience and talked for several minutes to a very confused father.

The antics did not stop there as crowd surfers made their way to the front during every set and were welcomed with a fist bump by Awsten, Patty Walters, or Zech Pluister. What really got the fans going though was not just the tangible energy of each performer but the debuting of new music and new albums set to arrive. Sleep On It released their debut album "Overexposed" on November 3rd, 2017 and Waterparks is set for their sophomore release "Entertainment" on January 26th, 2017. They are currently traveling supporting both albums and finishing up their "Made In America" tour. Follow both releases and buy the albums to support the music you love!


Patty Walters of "As It Is" supporting "Sleep On It" during their set


Sleep On It:

Geoff Wigington of Waterparks playing "Dizzy"
"Waterparks" and the Double Dare album drumset
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