Letter to the Editor

Senator should support tax cuts

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Across America, taxes are too high, and complying with tax requirements is too onerous. A simpler, smarter, smaller tax rate is the right way forward.

Sen. McCaskill can do her part to put our nation back on the path to prosperity by voting for common sense tax reform. Heading into an election year, this is her opportunity to show all Missourians she will work across the aisle to make a positive difference for all citizens and businesses in our state.

If she does not support tax reform, Missouri voters will be forced to believe she’s just another hack feathering her political nest instead of looking out for what our state’s citizens need — fundamental tax reform. It’s time.

The vast majority of Missourians support tax reform, and we trust our Congressional delegation to commit their support and deliver what Missourians want. While Sen. McCaskill has spoken often of her support for lower taxes — and yes, THIS IS THE SHOW-ME STATE — she has yet to show she can be trusted to break with her party and vote FOR tax reform. This is her moment to stand up for all Missourians, on both sides of the aisle.