River Heritage Quilt Guild Honors Veterans

Wednesday, November 22, 2017
Back row left to right: John C. McHughes US Navy, (Deb Morris) Larry Davie - US Army, (Angie Davie) Joe Bishop - US Navy, (Nancy Bishop) Daniel Bollinger - US Air Force, (Mary Tripp) Seated left to right: Ray Wilhelm - US Air Force, (Sandy Wilhelm) Edgar Myers - US Air Force, (Pat Leech) Howard Thomas World War II, US Army Tank Crew, Omaha Beach, (Linda Tansil) Danny Stitz US Marines, US Navy reservist, (Nancy Kester) Thomas Wentz US Navy, (Barb Egbert) *Quilt makers are in parentheses.

The River Heritage Quilt Guild hosted it's Fourth Annual Quilts of Valor Ceremony at LaCroix Methodist Church in Cape Girardeau on Monday, November 13. Nine veterans were presented quilts at this meeting. Four veterans received their quilts at other locations. A Quilt of Valor is handmade by our guild members and follows specific guidelines found at qovf.org. The qovf.org website also provides other information about this wonderful nationwide program. These quilts are presented to our veterans individually as they are introduced. Draping the honorees with their quilts is part of the ceremony. The comfort and warmth provided by the quilt will remind them they will forever be in our hearts and in our thoughts. The ceremony is one way we can convey our gratitude for their service, sacrifice, and valor to the United States of America into each of us! We know that freedom is not free. The cost of our freedom is the dedication of our service members and veterans! With the quilt we can say thank you!

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