Letter to the Editor

Opinion page was golden

Monday, November 13, 2017

The Opinion page of Tuesday, November 7 past, is truly solid and pure gold.

No. 1: The editorial regarding Peter Kinder's accomplishments was truly refreshing. We encourage his keeping up the good work.

No. 2: The massacre of abortion letter to the editor by David McNeely of Scott City "drove the nail" through and clinched it on the other side.

No. 3: Health care for veterans by David Larson of Jackson tells a very sad but all too true story of our veterans health care situation. As a WWII veteran, I truly pray to never have to be in their care.

No. 4: As always, the article by Adrienne Ross was superb, well written, and so true regarding our situation in America today.

No. 5: And finally, the article reprint of the Wall Street Journal was equally worthy of reading.

GERALD E. McCLOUD, Perryville, Mo.