House Games Day at Guardian Angel School, Oran

Thursday, November 9, 2017
On your mark, get set, go. St. Gabriel's team, Reid Hobbs, Jonah Dirnberger, Dane Loper & Sophie Priggel,, are ready for Mrs. Kluesner to say "go" during the Candy Corn Relay.

House game day occurred on Wednesday, November 8 at Guardian Angel School in Oran. Feather Float had 4 members of each team trying to keep a feather afloat by blowing on it and not touching it. The team that had the last feather to land on the floor was the winning team. This team was St. Michael's house. The next game was Candy Corn Relay. Each of the 4 team members had to run a spoonful of candy corn from one bowl to another in relay style. Uriel's bowl had the most pieces and won the game. The third game was Loop It. The 4 members of each house put as many fruit loops as possible on a pipe cleaner by using only one hand. Gabriel's house won this game. The Pumpkin Shuffle had 4 team members standing on 4 paper pumpkins, all moving forward a pumpkin ahead, and then picking up the last pumpkin and placing it in front and repeating the process until they crossed the finish line. Uriel's house was this winner. The overall winners for the games were: 1st place-St. Michael; 2nd place-St. Uriel; 3rd place-St. Gabriel; & 4th place-St. Raphael.

St. Raphael's team, Harper Gadberry, Lawson Hahn, Courtney Dirnberger, & Darci Booth, works hard at getting fruit loops placed on the pipe cleaner.
Traci Hency, Jordan Diebold, Camryn Lynch, & Connor Watkins of St. Michael's house are having fun playing loop it.
St. Uriel's house members, Logan Dame, Ellie Montgomery, Gianna LeGrand, & Taylor Hobbs move forward and proceed to pick up a pumpkin to send to the front of the line.
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