Halloween House Games

Tuesday, October 10, 2017
Gabe Dirnberger watches as Everett David maneuvers his spider across the table. (St. Uriel's house)

Friday, October 6, was time for fun with house games again at Guardian Angel School in Oran, MO. The theme for the games was Halloween. Game one was Spider Races. The members had to blow a spider ring across a table. The fastest team to achieve all 4 members doing this first was the winner. Game two was Harvest Chop Chop. The students used chop sticks to move candy corn from bowl to bowl, trying to get the most moved. One team beat another for 1st by only 1 piece of candy corn. Pumpkin Tennis was harder than it looked. A wadded piece of paper had to be tossed and caught until the student could drop it into a pumpkin bowl. If it was dropped earlier, the member had to return to start over. Vampire Bite required putting vampire teeth in your mouth and then transferring a marshmallow by mouth to the other end of a table.

St. Michael's group was the over all winner.

Parker Bryant, Logan Dame, Dalaini Bryant, & Taylor Hobbs use chopsticks to move candy corn. (St. Uriel)
Connor Watkins travels at a fast speed while trying not to drop his paper wad. (St. Michael)
Lydia Tankersley almost has her marshmallow to the other end while Darci Booth and Weston Woods try to pick up a marshmallow. (St. Raphael)
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