Speak Out 10/6/17

Friday, October 6, 2017

Great story

Wow! Talk about a feel-good story when we need it. Thank you for the excellent piece on Cape-based barber, Billy Sisco. Sisco personifies the absolute best in our community, a humble, generous, friendly and good-natured gentleman whom I have been lucky enough to know for decades. As an added bonus, I was thrilled with the photograph of Mr. Sisco and customer, Kent "Charles" Cargle, a longtime friend and unrivaled living legend.

Semoball love

Kudos to the sports staff at the Southeast Missourian! They don't always get the thanks they deserve for the amount of work they do! It appears that the SEMOBALL area is quite large, and they tackle each story without bias and with poise.

Trump re-election

I wonder if the politicians that block anything and everything that the Trump Administration is trying to do and the Trump bashing individuals know what they are doing? Let me clue you in. They are strengthening the Trump movement! He is a shoo-in for 2020. You might ask why? Because he is speaking my language. He is speaking the language of all of us who need a voice at election time. He is not politically correct and we love it! You see, I am sick and tired of overpaid athletes using their overblown notoriety to disrespect our national anthem. I am sick and tired of all the Hollywood elite thinking their opinion is sacred. I am sick and tired of career politicians using their power and influence to shut down ideas that Trump championed. So all of you keep bashing and blocking President Trump because you are building a momentum for re-electing President Trump that will be unstoppable in 2020!

'An American Hero'

My wife and I went to see the performance of "An American Hero" (Sunday Oct. 1), with much anticipation. However, we could make out no more than 10 percent of what they were saying, basically leaving us in the dark on their dialog, and what their message was. We stuck it out until intermission before we left, with much dissatisfaction. And, we weren't the only ones who left. If the audience can't understand the words, something is wrong, somewhere. Such a failure, and I do not know who is to blame.

Sad condition

We have hundreds of people protesting in our state and country over criminals that made wrong decisions when confronted by law enforcement, and yet eight senior citizens die from neglect at the hands of an unscrupulous care center and not one protester is on site. What a sad commentary on our nation.

Wonderful flowers

A big ovation to the volunteer responsible for the beautiful flowers that I enjoy when I pass by the junior high on Caruthers. They look great! A big thank you to you for so many years of enjoyment.