Speak Out 10/4/17

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Ross column

I encourage everyone to read the wonderful article located on today's (Oct. 3rd) Opinion page of the Southeast Missourian. Writer Adrienne Ross sums up the reason "I stand because I don't have to." Her words show us why we stand united, tall and proud of our USA with all it's diversity. Thank you Adrienne Ross.

Fair RV

I wonder why after the fair leaves town that several RV trailers stay in the playground park for an extended amount of weeks. I would think that after the fair, the park should be returned to normal use since the park belongs to the taxpayers of the city of Cape. I don't understand why these fair workers are allowed to stay for so long.

Opioid column

The opioid crisis would not receive the attention it's getting had it not started permeating the middle class. Your decision to reprint a rant somehow blaming Medicaid for the crisis was a new low for you, and that's saying a lot.


Kudos to Jimmy Kimmel for exposing Senator Cassidy as an egregious hypocrite and helping bring down the caustic Cassidy-Graham bill.