Speak Out 10/1/17

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Harsher sentence

Congratulations to the judge who slapped the man on the wrist who tried to burn the Delta bar down a few years ago. Now the same man has accomplished it. Now wait and see; he will get put on probation (another slap on the wrist). Seeing it time and time again where these judges are giving like "assault with a deadly weapon" which is someone trying to kill someone else. And they just get probation. Seriously, then to hear two or three years later that someone is successful in a killing. (Does it really look bad on that judge costing the state by punishing someone and putting them in jail, maybe even later, to saving a innocent victim's life.


Remember when Trumpkins were trying to convince us he would make a good president because he was a good businessman. Now, the Southeast Missourian editorial staff as well as David "I've got your back, Donald" Limbaugh are praising him for supposedly becoming a good president despite the fact that he's a businessman.


Here's a dirty little secret insurance companies have been able to do ever since a law passed by Congress in the mid 1940's. Insurance companies are exempt from anti-trust laws. Thus, they are free to collude and divide up business among themselves. Sad.

Housing art

Supporters of shipping container housing should reclassify them as art pieces thereby ensuring city leadership would place them all over the town.


Rep Nancy Pelosi was shouted down by protesters because she and her party are so weak on protecting dreamers. It seems minorities are starting to realize that the Democratic Party uses them for their votes while doing nothing on their behalf.

Baseball field

Jackson has spent nearly $2 million on a baseball field that attracts literally dozens of spectators. Kudos to city and school leaders.


The only thing Democrats are "resisting" is winning any governing seats.

Democrats losing

I'm so glad that Hillary Clinton can't avoid the dim limelight. She's doing her part to ensure decades of further Democrat losses

Harbor Freight

What happened with Harbor Freight opening in Cape?