Letter to the Editor

Reader wants all inserts

Friday, September 29, 2017

I don't take pen to paper very often, so this is of utmost prominence to me.

I recently called the Southeast Missourian and talked to three people, to no avail. I am a yearly-paid subscriber, by mail. I recently stopped getting merchant fliers in my paper, much to my disappointment! The "paper" said it was the advertiser's decision to do so. I regret that the merchants don't want me to know what is on sale in their stores or the people that I tell. I do not have the Internet, or a "smart" phone nor will I ever, most likely. It takes me a half-hour to get to town, and I am not driving around to see who has what on sale, or browse around in your store to see what you have that I didn't know of or the people that I talk to. I guess that I'll just go to a certain "super' store and go home. The "paper" may also lose a subscriber.

To those of you that have a rebuttal to me, thank you for reading my words, but I will probably not write anything back. As I said, this is already a rarity for me.

TONY D. POOLE, Oak Ridge