Out of the past: Sept. 11

Monday, September 11, 2017


The countdown is on for the start of the SEMO District Fair. Carnival rides and parking policies are in place, and contestants are being sought for games. The midway and carnival rides will open tomorrow. Also, a 4-H horse show will be held tomorrow afternoon in front of the grandstand. Sneak-a-Peek activities are planned Sunday, including an open horse show.

Apple-picking time arrived earlier than normal this year, thanks to good growing weather. Stan Beggs of Pioneer Orchards, Highway 72 West in Jackson, says they started picking two weeks ago, as did the workers at Diebold Orchards at Benton and Kelso, Missouri.


Highlighting the morning meeting of the Cape Girardeau County Court is the announcement a special tax levy of 10 cents per $100 assessed valuation may be sought next August for park purposes. Three members of the County Park Board meet with the court in regard to funds for development of Klaus Park, but before the discussion ends, the special levy is raised as a likely possibility.

ST. LOUIS -- Lt. Gov. Thomas F. Eagleton makes it official as he announces he will file for the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate.


An ordinance authorizing the city to lay down rules to prevail in time of war blackouts was passed by the Cape Girardeau City Council yesterday. The ordinance is to provide regulations to maintain order and public welfare of the community during emergencies.

The Broadway School, for a year occupied by the district office of the WPA, is to be made over by the school board into a training center for war workers. The aircraft-training school will be moved next week to the school structure from the Arena Building. New classes at the Broadway building will teach bench-metal and machine-shop work.


Walter Brock and his French monoplane arrive at the fairgrounds in the afternoon. Starting tomorrow, he will be the main fair entertainment, giving daily flight exhibitions. There is some question about whether his powerful airplane will be able to land in the field in the track, although aviators in previous years have done so.

Charles Overstolz, representing a new corporation that is in the making, takes over the Cape Ice Cream Co., owned by J.R. Macke. This is the first step of the new corporation, which may be called the Cream & Dairy Co. It will make ice cream and supply all kinds of dairy products.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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