Volunteer, donor response to hurricane disaster inspiring

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Sometimes disasters bring out the best in us.

We've seen that countless times over the years, whether it be in the aftermath of 9/11, the Joplin, Missouri, tornado, Hurricane Katrina or other such tragic events.

And we've seen it again in Houston.

Hurricane Harvey brought unprecedented rain to Houston and southern Texas, rainfall amounts never before seen in recorded history of our country. This resulted in massive destruction, and people were desperately trapped as water reached areas thought safe.

The rescue and humanitarian reactions have been as large as the state itself.

And we saw a part of that spirit here in Cape Girardeau as people reach into their pocketbooks and also find innovated ways to use their own talents to help Harvey's victims.

In Oran, eighth-grader Camryn Lynch and seventh-grader Logan Dame, baked 45 dozen cupcakes in an effort that raised $750. Local entrepreneur David Knight dispatched his company, Ole Hickory Pits, to set up operations for making barbecue for victims and responders. Other organizations filled trucks with supplies. Churches from around the area collected donations and prayed for recovery efforts. Rescue teams from local fire departments traveled to Texas and helped rescue 19 people and a couple of pets. Businesses have asked for relief donations through drive-thrus and check out lanes.

The response has been overwhelming, and we tip our caps to those who have given their time, talent and money to help the victims in Houston.

But the response may be needed again, as we watch Irma growling toward Florida. By the time this editorial reaches print, we may see a need to dip into our pockets and talents once again to help our fellow Americans respond to a major disaster.

Here's to all those who respond in times of crisis, from churches and our emergency personnel to the young students who make cupcakes. These are the actions that define America.

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