Guardian Angel School Holds House Game Competitiion

Thursday, September 7, 2017
Porter Gadberry & Weston Woods, of St. Raphael's house, travel across the paved lot with their water balloon.

Getting to go outside during school is always fun. Add to it house games, and you have loads of wet fun. On Wednesday, September 6, Guardian Angel School, Oran, had their first angel house game competition.

Being a beautiful day in September, Mrs. Kluesner planned for the games to be water games held outside. The first game was Wacky Relay, where 6 members of each house participated. Two members carried water balloons, by using their forearms, from point A to point B. At point B, the balloon was handed to 2 more members who carried the balloon back to point A and then 2 more members carried the balloon back to point B. If the balloon was dropped, they could pick it up and continue on. If the balloon burst, they went back to the beginning and started with a new balloon.

Game 2 was Water Balloon Towel Toss. This game involved 4 members. Two members held a towel while the other 2 members tossed a water balloon from their towel to the other towel. Three balloons had to be tossed without the balloon breaking.

The third game was Pass the Water. Six members stood in a line. The first person filled a cup with water from a bucket, poured the water into the cup behind, and continued until all 5 poured water into a cup behind them, where the last person had to pour water into an empty bucket. This entire time, everyone had to be facing forward. The team with the fullest bucket won.

Veronica Seyer & Riley Schlosser of Gabriel's house prepare to toss a water balloon from their towel to the towel of Nathaniel Woods & Cooper Senciboy.

The last game was Crab Crawl Relay. Four members were required. The first person did a crab crawl from point A to point B, high fived the second member, who then crab crawled to point A, etc. The 4 winners of this game got to throw water balloons (which they very much enjoyed) at the principal.

The overall winner of the 4 games was St. Raphael's house, followed by St. Michael, St. Uriel, & St. Gabriel. Congratulations to the houses! We all look forward to the house games in October.

St. Michael house members, Kaitlyn Jolley & Nolan Loper pour water into the cup behind them. Connor Watkins pours his cup of water into the bucket.
Cora Woods of St. Uriel's house does her crab crawl over to Parker Bryant, as Daley Siebert cheers her on.
Mrs. Kluesner, principal, gets soaked by St. Raphael's house members after they won the crab crawl relay.
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