'Katy did, Katy didn't'

Sunday, July 16, 2017

The insect here is called a katydid. It gets its name from the sound it makes when it rubs its wings together, singing out a loud "Katy did, Katy didn't" melody.

There are many species of katydids throughout the southern U.S. Most are green. They vary in length from about 1 inch to about 5 inches. This one is about 2 1/2-inches long from front of head to wing tip. I photographed it July 5.

Katydids are related to grasshoppers, but katydids spend most of their lives in trees. They eat tree leaves, flowers and fruit.

They are most active at night and can be heard after dark in almost any area with trees.

If you pick up a katydid, it will try to bite you, but its scratchy bite is harmless.

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