Letter to the Editor

O'Reilly a victim

Friday, May 19, 2017

Once again the forces of evil reared their ugly heads and thrust a dagger into the heart of political conservatism. The leftist liberal fascists have managed to raise the political correct banner of sexual harassment, and have Bill O'Reilly removed from Fox News. Fox took the bait and chose profit over principle. The definition of sexual harassment has such a broad definition it defies understanding. We are not talking about physical assault or rape. Where is the corroborating evidence or the witnesses? What was the offense? Was it the spoken word, an indecent suggestion, a lingering stare or a wolf whistle? In the United States of the Offended, it is hard to determine. In the court of law or the workplace, it was has been proven time and time again that the accuser's word (most often female) will be taken over that of the male defendant.

A man does not stand a chance in these proceedings. If I am confronted by a young lady with the word "HOTTIE" emblazoned across the seat of her gym shorts, am I guilty of ogling her derrière because she obviously wants to draw attention? If another young lady wears a low-cut blouse with plenty of cleavage exposed, has a tattoo message across her breasts, am I guilty of staring at her bosom so I can read? Beware America, this is only the beginning. The leftists are already targeting other conservative commentators (Hannity) because as Col. Nathan Jessup put it "You can't handle the truth!" With apologies to Graham Nash, "Political correctness is killing my country."