Merchentice: Trends for the season

Friday, April 21, 2017
Rachel McNeely

If the weather lately has taught us anything, it is that Mother Nature is a lot like someone who has the gall to eat a Kit-Kat by biting it whole (barbarian), she cannot be trusted. Hanging on to the last bit of frigid temperatures she can get her icy-cold fingernails dug into, she has us more than a little hesitant to flip our closets in preparation for warmer weather. Needless to say, Mr. Easter bunny may not have been the only one wearing fur this year, am I right, people?

Now while you can't always depend on the Great Mother to stick to the plan, you should be able to confidently place such demands on your wardrobe, and in preparation for spring (or fall, winter, whatever we have going on here), I want to help you be ready for all of it.

So in no particular order, here is a list of the things I'm ready to spring into this season, and you should be, too:


* Feathers

Love them or hate them, the red carpet made it obvious the birds weren't the only ones that were going to be returning from winter vacation rocking the plumes. From Octavia Spencer and Heidi Klum on the red carpet, to Marchesa and Christian Dior on the runway, feathers are promising to be on all the "early birds" and "night owls" and what's good for the goose, is good for the gander.


* Wire nails

Say what? Wire. Nails. Outline your nails, line the cuticles or Picasso your paws. New to the scene, thin gold wire is transforming the nail art game and bringing a whole new meaning to the term "cutting edge."

By line / Cutline:Janelle MonĂ¡e is shown wearing a two-in-one dress at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.
Cutline Email/Stock:Tibrina Hobson ~ Getty Images via POPSUGAR

* Two-in-one dresses

Think the sartorial equivalent of a mash-up. Or a mullet. A veritable hodgepodge of frock fun. It's like no longer having to choose between two dresses because your first look appears to be tearing away to reveal an even more fun one. Perfect for the indecisive and commitment-challenged.


* Bow sneakers

This season is all about structure from top to bottom. Every detail matters, and for many, myself included, sneakers are where it's at, and even better if I can sneak(er)ily slip them in where I'd otherwise be forced to wear heels (my feet appreciate the consideration). For the more supped-up version try Joshua Sanders, and for you ladies who like to keep it more casual, Puma has come out with their take on the trend and it is definitely on point. To complete the look, be sure to keep the rest of the ensemble simple to bring balance and avoid looking like Minnie Mouse and too costume-y.

* Heartilage piercing

While never before interested in a cartilage piercing, this new orbital piercing has me thinking it's not too late, and can easily by replaced later on with two small hoops or studs once you've exhausted the trend.

* Powder blue

Politics aside (if there is anyone left who can actually do that) there is no denying that when it comes to fashion, first lady No. 45 has already wowed as many people with her fashion as her husband has offended with his Tweets (well, maybe not quite that many). With that said, when she stepped out in her inaugural duds of sculptural and structural nobility by Ralph Lauren, she put powder blue back on the map for me, and consequently, back in my closet. I can't stop buying it, and don't really want to. It's everywhere, it's inviting, and I'm slipping into it willingly and throwing in a few infamous Jackie O. pageant waves for good measure.


* Satin

For some, spring says eyelet, lace and cotton. For me, it says satin. Soft and neutral or breezy and dramatic, pick your polished poison. Accents, entirety, layered, head-to-toe, all of it, all of it, all of it. From lingerie-inspired gowns to jumpsuits, it's satin and it's important.

* Belts

All kinds, all colors, all levels of functionality from belt bags to fanny packs -- yeah, I went there, and hope you will, too. Huge obnoxious ones, doubles, triples, utility, layered leather, with the suit, with the gown, on the red carpet, on the dance floor. While belts are certainly not a new concept, they are expanding their territory. Be brave, and don't skip this accessory for 2017.

* Vinyl leggings

Sometimes referred to as "liquid leggings," these are not your garden-variety black leggings (which I don't intend to defame or dismiss). And while the reigning heavyweight champions of casual comfort are still very much undefeated, vinyl leggings offer an option that instantly makes your outfit feel more elevated. The shinier and more brazen, the better. Trust me.

* Day pajamas

We've all dreamed of wearing pajamas to the office, to school or to the store. (And no, I don't mean the fuzzy Hello Kitty "People of Wal-Mart" kind. Don't you dare.) Pajama dressing has slipped into the collections of many designers including Stella McCartney and Louis Vuitton. They are perfect for spring with paisley and floral renditions, but my personal favorite is definitely vertical stripes with hot piping.

Try a few, try them all, buy online, buy local, and some are even worth a special trip, a scavenger hunt of sorts. Any or all are guaranteed to refresh and update your wardrobe for the upcoming seasons and put a little "spring" in your step.

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