Letter to the Editor

Missouri regulatory reform

Friday, April 21, 2017

I would like to take a moment to respond to the false and uneducated guest column entitled, "Monopoly utilities lobby for higher rates," submitted on April 14.

As a highfalutin attorney who makes money off of corporate special interests, Mr. Woodsmall continues to dishonestly describe the significant benefits of Senate Bill 190. Smart, forward-thinking regulatory reform that will ignite significant investment in Missouri to modernize the state's energy grid. Experience has shown that these investments will drive meaningful long-term benefits to the citizens of Missouri and create or sustain thousands of good, quality jobs.

For example, SB 190, in exchange for benefiting customers and the grid by $1.6 billion, will cost about $1 a month for a typical residential customer. The Missouri PSC's (the governmental body that heavily regulates the investor-owned utilities in the state) authority and oversight of the rate setting process, which determines cost, will not be diminished by this legislation. In addition, over 180 municipalities, businesses, associations, and workers from all corners of Missouri now strongly support these needed reforms.

Opposing lawyers continue to demonize the forward-thinking economic development virtues of SB 190. What do you do when you don't want to lose your niche legal business? Mislead the public and threaten the ability of elected officials to make an educated and rational decision.

The time of succumbing to the status-quo is behind us. Make a contribution that matters. Be part of the solution. Be proactive, not reactive. Missouri citizens and their representatives definitely know the difference.

TREY DAVIS, Jefferson City