Letter to the Editor

Sewer maintenance issue in Cape

Friday, April 21, 2017

Buyer and Seller Beware:

All sanitary sewer lines in the City of Cape Girardeau are not part of the city sewer system.

If you are not in the City system, you will be responsible to pay for repairs.

To accept your sewer system into the City system, there must be an ordinance.

Our sewer line was not in the City sewer system. City staff could not find an ordinance that accepted our sewer line into the City system.

The City of Cape should inform residents if they are not in the City sewer system.

Marie Street, which is between Sprigg Street and Frederick Street, was not in the City system.

My house on Marie Street was built around 1935, others on the street 20 years earlier.

We have paid the monthly sewer service fee, but since we were not in the city sewer system, the Asst. City Manager told us repairs to the sewer line had to be paid by us.

Anyone buying or selling a home in the City of Cape Girardeau should contact city hall to make sure the house you are buying or selling is in the City sanitary sewer system.

A lien will be placed on your property until the cost assessed by the City for repairs, is paid in full by the homeowner.

The $3,300.00 cost assessed to each property, is a major expense none of us believe we should have to pay.

DAVID SCHERER, Cape Girardeau