Walk for Women raises funds for student scholarships

Thursday, April 20, 2017

About 200 student athletes from Southeast Missouri State University and nearly 500 people overall participated earlier this month in the annual Walk for Women event.

The event aims to promote awareness of women's issues and raise funds for scholarships for athletes.

The event has raised about a half a million dollars in its 10 years.

"We wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate women's athletics," Cindy Gannon, senior associate athletic director and event organizer said while acknowledging money raised at the event goes toward a fund for all student-athlete scholarships.

The football team moved its Saturday scrimmage up so the players and coaches would be available to support this event.

"The community supports our athletes so many ways," said Gannon. "We want to say a sincere thanks for that."

Gannon was honored after the walk for her dedication to the event over the past decade. The event will be named the "Cindy Gannon Walk for Women" going forward. Gannon is certainly worthy of the recognition.

Supporting women, and female athletes specifically, is a worthy endeavor. It was but 50 years ago when women were not even allowed to run in the Boston Marathon. Sports, activity and fitness aspirations can drive and benefit women every bit as much as men.

We echo our thanks to the community for supporting the walk.

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