Woodland School Board candidate Joe Ridings

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Name: Joe Ridings

Age: 40

Place of Birth: St.Louis

Spouse, children's names

Shannon Ridings, wife

Presley Clementine Ridings, daughter

Schell Ridings, son

Occupation: Biologist

Employer: Self Employed

Business owned, all or part

ProPond LLC, owner

Previous offices held or sought


What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position?

I've got an MS in biology from SEMO and run a biology based business. I know what it takes to get kids prepared for college science and math programs and on into STEM careers. Science and math fields are the future of this state and the economy and I want our kids to be ready to take on those challenges.

What do you see as the opportunities and challenges in the district?

In this community, we've got an exceptional group of teachers, administrators and parents. The pride we have in our school and our kids is second to none. I see that sense of pride and commitment to cooperation as a great opportunity. We share the same main challenge as most school districts. Funding. I'd like use my experience in the area of grant proposals to help in that capacity.

How will you communicate your work to your constituents?

I'm a very approachable guy. Anyone who knows me will tell you that. If you don't know me, ask someone who does. I'm at Woodland just about everyday and I'll always take the time to talk with anyone about any ideas or concerns they have. Face to face interaction is by far my favorite way to communicate but I will always make my contact information readily available to constituents.

What are the factors on which you will base your decisions as a school board member?

I'm a data person. I try to make all of my decisions on a combination of the best available data and my life experiences. Data creates objectivity in decision making while experience helps interpret human factors that may not be visible in the data. That's why input from staff and constituency are so important. Your input will add to my experience and be used in my decision making process.

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