Woodland School Board candidate: Jennings Wilkinson

Name Jennings Wilkinson

Age 58

Place of Birth: Cape Girardeau

Spouse, children's names

Spouse Barbara

Occupation: Retired Educator

Employer: Retired

Business owned, all or part


Previous offices held or sought


What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position?

Having worked in public education for 34 years I have spent time as a classroom teacher, building administrator and district administrator. The years served, and various positions held, I feel give me a creditable amount of experiences to draw from when helping to layout the direction our school district should take in order to benefit all students in the most positive manner.

What do you see as the opportunities and challenges in the district?

The greatest opportunity our district has is the trust and responsibility our local patrons place in us to provide their children with an education that prepares students for success both during and beyond their years at Woodland. Some issues facing public schools are pending legislation about school choice and how the state will fund local districts from a funding formula that is currently under funded by over $40M, with further reductions possible in future years.

How will you communicate your work to your constituents?

The academic and extra-curricular success of our students will communicate to local patrons the vision, values and support of the local Board of Education. When students leave school at the end of the day they take with them the core values set forth and promoted by the Board of Education. More specific information can be share with district patrons through the district web-site, local newspaper articles and monthly Board of Education meetings.

What are the factors on which you will base your decisions as a school board member?

Doing what is best for students must be the guiding principle of all decisions made within the school district. While all known factors and possible outcomes must be considered in developing district policies and procedures, school board members must determine that policies and procedures are devised and implemented to ensure the success and safety of all students and staff.