Speak Out 3/21/17

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Keep tree

A desperate plea. Don't cut down the trees and greenery left between I-55 and the new extension to Veteran's Drive. My wife and I moved here a few years ago and loved the trees on both sides of I-55 which made a beautiful statement for Exit 99 as well as Cape and Jackson upon entering either. However, the initial extension had all trees and greenery chopped down and removed. All of it was okay prior to along the expressway. Why remove it? How many readers love the stretches of I-55 and the lovely views of "Outer Roads?" Now residents and visitors to the area have a great view of the dirt mounds and Veteran's Street, which in my and other observations is hardly used. Yeah, I know, it will be when people cut through to William to alleviate traffic. What traffic? We moved from Memphis and some of my wife's family is in St Louis. We chuckle when people here talk about traffic and rush hour. Really? Where? Please leave what is there or plant something!

Parking police

As a long-time Cape resident and taxpayer, I am very concerned with the recent trend here in Cape. It seems that our police department selectively enforces the laws that are in place. At every SEMO home baseball game, someone parks their camper in the parking spaces on Cherry Hill. The camper isn't pulled in between the lines but across several yellow lines to take up four or five spaces. My wife called the police department today when we got to the game with two elderly relatives and couldn't find a place to park. She clearly told the dispatcher where the cars were parked and was told to call SEMO's DPS. My wife explained that it's taking place in a city park on city property. We parked further down, with a tree blocking much of the view. Two separate police cars eventually drove through and did nothing.

Debt problem

I predict that unless our national debt is gotten under control, and better sooner than later, there is going to be a depression that will make The Great Depression of the 1930s seem like a picnic in the park. Those without are not going to wait patiently in bread lines. But rather are going to take from those who have with whatever force is necessary to get what they need and want.

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