National Junior Beta Club Week

Thursday, March 16, 2017
Camryn Lynch, Katie Webb, Lydia Tankersley, Brittany Dirnberger, Jordan Diebold & Traci Hency show off their interesting hair choices.

The National Jr. Beta Club week was celebrated March 6 thru 10, although the celebrating at Guardian Angel in Oran was cut short due to the closure of school for OHS going to state with the boys and girls basketball teams. Monday was crazy hair day and there was plenty of interesting hairdos to go around. Dalaini Bryant had her hair fixed so as to have a donut on a plate. Several heads were sprayed colors and others had multiple pigtails. On Tuesday, the students divided into their angel houses and answered trivia questions over subjects like religion, movies, math, etc. Half the questions were meant for the younger students and the other half were prepared for the older students. Wednesday was twin/or 80's day. There were several twins, triplets and even 10 alike, as the teachers and staff dressed identical that day, too. We also had a wide variety of 80 themed clothing choices. The students had an extra long recess on Wednesday, too. The students as well as the faculty and staff enjoyed all the activities.

Dalaini Bryant shows off her donut on a plate.
Daley Siebert displays her 80's outfit
Amelia LeGrand, Cora Woods, and Ava Forehand from the 3rd grade class dress as triplets.
Taylor Hobbs models her 80's outfit.
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