Lt. Hovis retires after 30 years with Cape PD

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Lt. Barry Hovis is hanging up his handcuffs after more than 30 years with the Cape Girardeau Police Department. During his tenure, he served in many capacities, and on March 3, the community celebrated a career that began in 1986.

According to a Southeast Missourian article, Hovis attributes becoming an officer to his affinity for "working with people." He had plenty of opportunities to do that, having been a patrol officer, CPD's first school-resource officer, a sergeant and a lieutenant. He retires as an operation-support division commander.

Hovis recalled various defining moments throughout his career, from his mother's worried tears when he joined the force to chasing and wrestling a suspect in Wal-Mart to unexpected promotions. He recalled becoming a lieutenant, calling it "close to his proudest moment." He reminisced, too, about working as the school-resource officer. "I probably enjoyed that as much as I've enjoyed anything in my life," he said.

We recognize that wearing the police uniform is no easy task. Officers such as Hovis put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe. Spending one day tasked with the safety -- the lives -- of countless people is challenging enough. It's dangerous, draining work. Doing it for three decades makes Hovis deserving of every bit of praise he gets.

As the sun sets on this season of his life, Hovis looks back and says, "I've been very privileged to serve."

We recognize the lieutenant for that service, and we also recall with fondness how well he worked with the media.

So what now? Hovis and his wife plan to build a home, and at only 52 years of age, he should have ample opportunity to enjoy that home, as well as any number of activities at the disposal of retired citizens.

Whatever endeavors Lt. Hovis undertakes, we wish him the best, congratulate him on a successful career and, of course, thank him for his service.

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