Letter to the Editor

Scouts' thoughts on chickens

Hello. I am Nick Stearns and I am working on my communication merit badge. I am in Troop 5 and that troop is here in Cape. I want to talk about something that I found important when I went to a city council meeting. The most recent one I went to was January 23. The thing I want to address is if people should raise chickens in the backyard. I think people should as long as they keep the chickens in their yard it would be fine by me. Their neighborhood may not like it because the chickens could stink. If that person is raising chickens I think they should have either a cage with a top on it or a fence with some type of top on it so the chickens could not run away. So I think if people want to raise chickens then they should.

Nick Stearns, Cape Girardeau