Speak Out 1/9/17

Monday, January 9, 2017

Lobbyist gifts

I agree with Kathy Swan, Holly Rehder, and Rich Francis. The lobbyists should not buy them lunches. They are elected to do their lawmaking issues and they receive a good pay and benefits for that. Maybe Mr. Wallingford should not be elected if he don't see what is wrong with that. I work and nobody buys my lunch what is the difference. Things like this is why politicians are seen to be crooks and screw the system and the general public needs to pay attention to little matters and big matters.

Cape roads

If you are looking for a nice place to live, Cape Girardeau has a lot to offer a new family. We have a lot of nice places to shop, schools, sports for your children, a casino for adults, etc. But make sure you check out the areas for storm water run-off problems, future housing projects to be built, and the city streets. Oh, you may want to purchase a new vehicle with good suspension to drive around Cape.

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