Letter to the Editor

America and health care

Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Affordable Care Act is unpopular with many. But its main provisions are very popular.

The rate of uninsured Americans has never been lower.

You cannot be refused coverage because of pre-existing conditions.

* Women cannot be charged more than men.

* No more lifetime policy limits.

* Children can stay on parents' policy until they are 26.

* These provisions are very important to people that have been underinsured or refused service.

* All Americans should have access to health care. We are the only developed nation that does not insure all its citizens. Many hardworking Americans cannot afford coverage.

We have to craft better policies. If we are to repeal/replace or amend the health-care law, cost is a great place to start. We should consider taking insurance companies out of the equation. Developed countries that have done this have higher quality health care than we do much lower costs.

We become greater by working together. Rural electrification was a non-profit partnership between government and the people. Our health system should be non-profit as well. Health is our greatest commodity; some folks will die without access to health care, others go bankrupt. Bumping millions off of their insurance is not a good place to start.

Tom Rowley, Willow Springs, Missouri