Speak Out 1/3/17

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Election hacking

I recently read in speakout that the Democrats are obsessed with creating all types of scenarios explaining why Trump won the election. If we are really honest with ourselves I believe we all know how the Republicans and Trump would have responded if Trump would have lost the election. There would have been Republican outcries of rigging, hacking, cheating, lying, etc. the list goes on. I believe the more important issue here is the fact that another country, Russia, tried to change the way our democracy functions......should not that be our concern right now?

Hoops hijinks

Eight or nine of us guys listen to the Christmas Tournament every year in the shop at work. For years now, we've gotten some great laughs out of the ridiculous things radio personalities say. But (last) Monday's error takes the cake. An announcer referred to the criminal acts of three suspended Jackson players as "hijinks." So willfully and maliciously trespassing and destroying thousands of dollars of someone's property is, in this guy's opinion, boisterous fun. Even the eight of us non-college educated laborers knew what that word meant.

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