Speak Out 12/30/16

Friday, December 30, 2016

Fake news

Facebook is on the right path, but it is not enough. To stop the spread of Fake News, Internet, cable and satellite television companies need to come together to suppress it. Websites like InfoWars need to be taken off Internet search results. YouTube videos and blogs that spread fake news need to be shut down. And Russia's RT needs to be removed from all Cable and Satellite packages. Fake news needs to be suppressed.

Accept election

Isn't is amazing that because of Trump winning, the Democrats are obsessed with computer error, hacking, false news or some other far reaching reason as to why their Hillary lost. Plain and simple while they worshiped her, many of us could not stomach her, thus she LOST. I wonder why we didn't cause this uproar when Obama won ... a man that had not served really in any capacity for any length of time other than as a community organizer. How could a person like this win....I still wonder. But the difference is, we accepted what the vote said, suffered through 8 years of Obama torture, without one conspiracy hint of how did he get elected. Because of their lack of acceptance, they are vowing to become the party of "no" before Trump is even given a chance. How sad for the American people that they put their discontent in front of bettering our country.

Drug bust

Congratulations to Scott City on the drug bust. Wish more small towns in the surrounding area would do the same.


I feel very sorry for the children that we see trotted out once a year as charitable organizations make pleas for contributions of cash, gifts, food, and so on. However, what galls me is that parents have selfishly chosen, and yes their actions are a choice, to put children in that position to begin with and then expect others to step up when they refuse to do so. Parents committing crimes, having numerous children out of wedlock, refusing to do what it takes to hold down a job, and so on.

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