Speak Out 12/27/16

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Road repairs

A recurring theme here in Cape is the poor job done by whoever is in charge of street maintenance and repair. Over the course of several months almost a year ago, the street behind Kentucky Fried Chicken on William was torn up by the heavy trucks of the various construction crews. After they were done, the city closed the street again and did an extremely pathetic job of resurfacing the road. It was reopened but extremely rough. Now it's closed again because the city is again repairing it. As seems to be typical for Cape, one job is done numerous times, rather than it being done the right way the first time. The waste in man-hours, materials, etc. that we see on the part of this department is ridiculous.

Justice system

Maybe since there have been articles on people being falsely imprisoned and wrongfully accused, there should be an article on the justice system and are our criminal defense attorneys really doing all they can for their clients or are they working too closely, with the prosecutors? If the prosecution offers 30 years and the attorney convinces his client to take 20, the prosecution can say they won and at the same time the attorney can say he won as the client only got 20 years instead of 30. The only loser is the accused in a lot of cases being forced into taking a plea just to get it over with.

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