Letter to the Editor

Thoughts on ballot measures

Friday, November 4, 2016

As we go to the polls Nov. 8, letís try to be knowledgeable about the amendments and propositions. I will vote YES on Amendment 6 (voter ID) to protect the value of every legitimate vote and the integrity of our elections. I will vote NO on all the rest. Here is a short synopsis of each:

Amendment 1: This wants to continue the 1/10 of 1 percent sale/use tax for soil and water conservation at state parks. The ballot language is not entirely accurate because if voters do not reauthorize this tax, our sales taxes will decrease.

Amendment 2: I believe this measure is an attack on free speech and in particular, political speech.

Amendment 3: Increases taxes on cigarettes and creates a fee paid by cigarette wholesalers. Supporters say ďitís for the children.Ē That alone is a big red flag for me! Many groups oppose this one.

Amendment 4: Designed to sound good but is promoted by special interests (Realtor Association). This measure hopes to prevent our state from enacting a FairTax, which would do away with tax on income. I am a proponent of the FairTax both Federal and State.

Proposition A: Another cigarette tax! Voters have turned down three other attempts to raise tobacco taxes. They just will not give up!

My suggestion, instead of taxing more, is to get the waste, fraud and abuse out of our State government. Letís streamline our services and target problems with the funds that we already have.

Linda Reutzel, Cape Girardeau