Pam Sander

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Pam Sander





At what age did you start running?

I started running at 21.

What is your best 5K time after turning 50?

I am not much of a 5k girl because I am built for endurance not speed. The only 5k that I have run since turning 50, I had a time of 29.53.

What is the race/time you’re most proud of since turning 50?

It is hard to narrow it down to just one race because I feel a big accomplishment each time that I cross the finish line. I am probably the most proud of the St. Louis Rock and Roll half marathon in October 2012. I ran a 2:08;33 which was 2 minutes faster than the previous year's time at the same race.

What’s the longest distance you’ve ever run since turning 50?

26.2 miles. I ran the Phoenix Rock and Roll marathon in 2011.

What’s your favorite local route to run?

I love to start at Arena, run down Broadway and take the new River trail north. Especially in the morning when the sun is starting to come up.

The thing I enjoy most about running is:

The great running friends that I have met during the 34 years that I have run. You really get to know a person that you spend hours with running. In February 2016, I went to Tampa to run a half marathon with an old friend who used to live in Jackson. We ran together 4-5 days a week for over 10 years. I ran the race with my friend and her new running buddies.

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