Ellen Ross

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Ellen Ross




Piedmont, MO

At what age did you start running?


Why did you start running?

I faced a choice of giving up and being old, with physical problems including obesity, high blood pressure and arthritis; or doing something to improve my health. I signed up for Kelly Potter's couch potato to 5K class, and have been running ever since. Running and running friends have helped me lose weight, lower my blood pressure, have less stress and arthritis pain, and keep up with my grandsons.

What is your best 5K time after turning 50?

27 minutes and some sec. - I can't remember exactly.

What is the race/time you’re most proud of since turning 50?

Nashville St. Jude half marathon in the spring of 2014.

2 hours and 16 minutes.

Age 57 - my first half marathon, but not my last or my fastest.

What’s the longest distance you’ve ever run since turning 50?

15 miles

What’s your favorite local route to run?

From Clearwater High School through Piedmont down to the shopping center south of town and back to the High School - about 6 miles.

The thing I enjoy most about running is:

Running friends and the feeling I get radiating from my core to all of my running muscles. It isn't easy, but it feels SO good to be in shape and know you can count on your body to be strong and energetic. When I am running uphill or doing something hard I tell myself "You're not a rocking chair Grandma - You are an awesome Running Grandma."

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