Kevin Hammes


Kevin Hammes




Scott City, MO

At what age did you start running?

I initially ran only to get into better aerobic shape when I wrestled. I began to compete in a few road races while in the military but didn't get serious about distance running and learning how to train until my early 40's.

Why did you start running?

I wanted to see if I could compete with the local runners and was looking for something to do to stay in shape.

What is your best 5K time after turning 50?

17:38 on a certified road course 5K

What is the race/time you’re most proud of since turning 50?

I get excited anytime I go sub-18 min on 5K courses now. I have been able to accomplish this 3 times since turning 50.

What’s the longest distance you’ve ever run since turning 50?

14 miles. I prefer not to run much past 1.5 hours.

What’s your favorite local route to run?

I enjoy running a route beginning at Healthpoint Fitness and running down to the river and over to the River Campus with Coach Mark Hahn when we have the opportunity. The conversations during these runs are as good as the runs themselves.

The thing I enjoy most about running is:

I enjoy the process of working through training cycles and ultimately testing myself at different distances and different races. There are so many good runners in the SE Missouri area as well as in the Southern Illinois and St. Louis areas that a person can always find competitive races if they wish to test their fitness limits and see where they rank in larger/regional events.