Bollinger County coroner candidate: Charles Hutchings

Age 63

Place of birth Cape Girardeau

Spouse, children's names

Spouse, Marian Hutchings (Seiler) Daughter Madeleine Hutchings, Son Paul Hutchings

Occupation Funeral Director/Coroner

Employer Hutchings Funeral Home

Businesses owned, all or part Partnership

Previous offices held or sought

16 years in coroner office

What qualifications would you bring to the position of coroner?

16 years experience as coroner, 19 years as funeral director. I have a degree in criminal justice and two experience with Jackson Police Dept. I worked as a state investigator for two years with the Public Service Commission. I have attended many death investigation classes and seminars. I was a professional photographer for 30 years. All these skills are used at every death scene.

What improvements, if any, would you make in the operation of the coroner’s office?

Many, Many improvements have been made in the last sixteen years. We now have a coroner vehicle with emergency equipment, blood testing kits, gunshot residue kits, cameras, computers, and an office furnished by the county. We are as modern a coroners office as any county of comparable size in the state.

In what ways can a coroner show respect for the dead and their families?

My office shows respect by 1. being timely on a call, that is why I have 5 deputy coroners someone is always ready. 2. Do not rush at the scene, listen to the family and their version of the death. 3. Cover the victim, until ready to photograph the scene and then ask the family to please meet in another room. Disclose all information to family as it develops, and keep them informed.