U.S. House 8th District candidate: Hal Brown

Name Hal Brown

Age 63

Place of birth Savannah GA

Spouse's, children's names

Children: Ryan and Erica Brown


BS 1974 University of GA

MD 1978 Medical College of GA

Occupation Dermatologist

Employer Self

Businesses owned, all or part

Private practice of Dermatology

Public offices held or sought; give dates


Website www.halbrownforcongress.com

Email info@halbrownforcongress.com

Phone 573-382-5616

How would you balance the federal budget?

Eliminate certain departments (such as the Department of Energy, Department of Education and the EPA) and other unnecessary, wasteful government programs, then reduce the budgets of every department until federal income equals expenses.

What steps would you take to address gun violence in the U.S.?

We must change attitudes so that our actions are not motivated by bitterness and hatred based on recent or past events, but on a shared desire for peaceful productive living for all members of our community. This will require regular meetings between citizens, representatives of local law enforcement and other elected officials, civic and church leaders.

Poverty is among the top issues throughout Missouri's 8th District. What are your strategies to improve the district's economy and create more jobs?

We must incentivize productive work so that getting a job is much more attractive than not working and drawing a government check. The goals of more jobs and higher take home pay will be promptly achieved by congressional passage of the Fair Tax. Additional information about the Fair Tax can be found at www.halbrownforcongress.com

A constant criticism of Congress is gridlock caused by party clashes. What efforts would you make to work with both parties to pass bills that will improve the state and the district?

Congressmen must communicate with each other in order to ensure passage of bills that comply with the Constitution and benefit all of us. We must remember our purpose is to represent the views of those who elected us. I will be able to convince members of all parties that certain goals are beneficial to all of our constituents, regardless of party affiliation.

Closing remarks

I am running for office because, like you, I am fed up with the direction of our country. By holding regular Town Hall meetings throughout the district, I will make sure that your views are accurately and loudly heard in the US House of Representatives. I will work tirelessly to achieve a balanced budget, passage of the Fair Tax and Term Limits. I will keep my oath to defend the Constitution of the United States.