Missouri House 145th District candidate: Rick Francis


Age 57

Place of birth Grassy Missouri, Bollinger County

Spouse's, children's names


Four children and five grandchildren

Nick & Siohahn, Zoe and Theo

Benn & Kasey, Jewel and Lincoln

Whitney & JP and Sadie



Bachelors, Masters, Specialists from Southeast Missouri State University. Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis from University of Missouri.

Occupation Retired educator - Current Farmer

Employer Self-employed

Businesses owned, all or part

Double B Ranch

Public offices held or sought; give dates

Perry County School District #32 Board of Education Member 2013-16

Website rickfrancismorep.com

Email rickfrancis1217@gmail.com

Phone (573)517-3176

How will you help bring jobs to your rural district?

I've been listening to small business owners to better understand the rules, regulations and taxes placed upon them by Jefferson City. It is clear that we need to get government off their backs. Small businesses are the back bone and the lifeblood of our communities. Reducing red tape and regulations will create job growth and a robust economy. When Chambers of Commerce, city, county and state government work together doors of opportunity will open.

Education funding is a hot issue in the Missouri Legislature. Do you think education in the state should be better funded, and if so, where would you take money from to fund it?

Having been a teacher, administrator, and a school board member for 36 years, I've seen what a quality education can provide. The current formula for school funding has a budget shortfall of over $300 million. Not only is funding inadequate it is inequitable. Rural schools deserve the same resources as suburban districts. In Missouri, we need a simple and fair way to distribute money to schools. Stop the wasteful spending of our hard earned taxes.

Closing remarks

I will: fight against wasteful spending and liberalism

work to improve education and healthcare

stand up for small business, farmers, and job growth

fight for family and christian values

support law enforcement and the military

protect our 2nd Amendment Rights

protect the sanctity of life

I vow to represent the Constitution and the interests of families in Bollinger, Madison, and Perry Counties.

I humbly ask for your vote on August 2, 2016